The Exfoliation Care Regimen For Healthy Skin

Many people misunderstand the importance of exfoliation, and overuse this thing or do too little, and hence neither comes into proper use of the skin to enhance and maintain skin health. To understand the true exfoliation regimen, you must understand the underlying cause for exfoliating the skin.

What is exfoliation all about?

Exfoliation or cleaning the skin internally involves scrubbing the skin lightly so that the superficial debris of dry, dead, flaky skin cells are removed, and the internal soft, supple, healthy glowing skin can show up. This process has some major benefits. They are as follows:

  • The patchy pigmented skin layer made from dry, dead skin cells is removed, and hence skin pigmentation and patches appear lighter.
  • Healthy skin layer shows up, and the skin looks healthy with the natural glow
  • Skin texture gets improved both by visual feel and by touch, and the skin feels much smoother.
  • Due to the removal of dead skin cells, the chances of dirt and germ buildup between the molecular cracks and folds of dead skin cells minimizes, and hence chances of acne get reduced, provided other healthy skin care regimen are continued.
  • With this, there are some things to be maintained and cared for while exfoliating the skin, whether you do this for the whole body or face only.

Cautioned to be maintained with skin exfoliation

You must remember the following points while exfoliating the skin:

  • Exfoliation once in 10 days or 15 days is good. Even you may delay this to exfoliate once in a month if you are too busy or have other issues. But reducing the gap and practicing more can be damaging to the skin, and may leach the skin of its natural glow and natural oils.
  • Never rub the skin too harsh or with much pressure while exfoliating. Too much pressure can cause minor cuts and cracks of tissues and later may bring in burning, irritation, redness, and allergic reactions.
  • Use an exfoliation paste containing natural ingredients which are mild on the skin.
  • After scrubbing the skin and washing off, pamper the skin for the next two to three days with frequent application of cream or moisturizer. It is necessary to help the skin build up a healthy and strong layer of superficial cells to replace the old dead cells which you removed by scrubbing. And in this process, the skin needs extra UV ray blocking, and extra moisturizing to prevent drying.
  • Always void scrubbing when there is an ongoing skin problem like pimples, acne, allergies, rashes, cuts or burns, etc.

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