How Anti-Aging Formulas Work On The Skin

What are anti wrinkle creams and products made of?

How they help your sagging skin to rejuvenate or help the aging skin to not show any signs?

You must understand these to set clear expectations from your anti aging products.

Before you spend hundreds and thousands through the year on anti-aging products, you must know what to see in a product while buying.

Here are defined some components common in anti aging skin formulations, and their effects are described.

The various ingredients used to make anti aging formulas effective

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxyl acids are used in skin creams, packs, and skin peeling process. Their action is in dissolving and weakening the intercellular glue, which holds together the dead skin cells. Frequent use helps in clearing the skin of deposits of dead skin cells, and helps renewal of skin faster thereby delivering glow of new fresh healthy skin.
  • Retinol is another substance found in anti-aging products which acts in reducing wrinkles and fine lines to some extent.
  • Coenzyme Q10 is a great skin firming actor, which is used in the making of under eye creams and skin toning agents.
  • Argireline is the name of acetyl hexapeptide-3. It helps relax the facial skin, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Vitamin C is an important anti-aging skin booster which reduces signs of aging and helps keep the skin clean and reduces uneven pigmentation.

What to expect from anti aging products

No product can permanently stop the skin from aging. Again no product can stop wrinkles from forming. Then how do they work? Well, they work simply by reducing the signs of aging, for which the combined action must include:

  • Cell renewal quickening
  • Dead skin removal
  • Relaxing the skin
  • Toning and forming the skin
  • Evening skin tone by reducing excess pigmentation
  • Reducing the prominence of existing lines and wrinkles and slowing down the formation of new lines.

To get benefitted from a product it has to be used in the specific way with dedication. Continued use of the anti aging formula at the right time of the life, and for the right time period can show good results. However many people choose the wrong product type, or select the wrong skin type product. Such incompatibilities result in reduced or unnoticeable effects. However the actions of anti-aging products are not that subtle, and they show considerable amounts of positive results when used religiously.


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