5 Natural Skin Care Regimens To Follow

It is the desire of every woman to have that flawless looking, acne-free skin. There are several blogs and sites that do offer different types of natural skin care regimen and tips to follow. But first you need to identify your skin type and accordingly select the tips that will work for you. It will also be useful to consult a knowledgeable dermatologist to ensure you are taking the correct steps to avoid unnecessary side effects.

Natural skin care tips to follow

    • Remove makeup before going to bed: A must do before going to bed. Like any other areas of the body, the skin is required to breathe. When asleep, makeup prevents your skin from getting that necessary air. Which then tends to clog up the pores, thereby making the skin work harder to breathe. Take a fresh cotton pad and dab on some olive oil and massage the skin gently to remove makeup and dirt. Exfoliating the skin at least once a week is another good idea to eliminate dead skin cells.
    • Sleep well: You do require 9 hours of sleep daily. Inadequate sleep will make the skin feel and appear tired. It can become saggy, causing bags around the eyes. Applying honey to the face every week can help soothe and heal skin. Also, moisturize your face before going to sleep.
    • Use sunscreen: This is an absolute must when going out. The strong rays of the sun combined with UVA and UVB needs to be avoided. Apply sunscreen always. If exposed, the skin can develop wrinkles. Moreover, prolonged exposure will only cause skin issues and age spots. The sunscreen used should not block the skin pores. Apply sunscreen lotions even when it is cloudy or cold outside.
    • Eat well: Good food consisting of fresh, green vegetables and fruits, rich in protein and vitamins should be part of your everyday meals. Diets filled with vitamin C can help the skin to glow. Low sugar diet will be a wonderful idea as it controls insulin levels and helps the body to manage a healthy balance. Avoid citrus fruits, fried, spicy and salty food. Rather choose blander foods such as oatmeal and applesauce.
    • Regular exercise: It can help improve blood circulation, boost the body’s cleaning process and tighten the skin.


The above natural skin care tips does not cost much and can help the skin to glow and appear younger.

The Exfoliation Care Regimen For Healthy Skin

Many people misunderstand the importance of exfoliation, and overuse this thing or do too little, and hence neither comes into proper use of the skin to enhance and maintain skin health. To understand the true exfoliation regimen, you must understand the underlying cause for exfoliating the skin.

What is exfoliation all about?

Exfoliation or cleaning the skin internally involves scrubbing the skin lightly so that the superficial debris of dry, dead, flaky skin cells are removed, and the internal soft, supple, healthy glowing skin can show up. This process has some major benefits. They are as follows:

  • The patchy pigmented skin layer made from dry, dead skin cells is removed, and hence skin pigmentation and patches appear lighter.
  • Healthy skin layer shows up, and the skin looks healthy with the natural glow
  • Skin texture gets improved both by visual feel and by touch, and the skin feels much smoother.
  • Due to the removal of dead skin cells, the chances of dirt and germ buildup between the molecular cracks and folds of dead skin cells minimizes, and hence chances of acne get reduced, provided other healthy skin care regimen are continued.
  • With this, there are some things to be maintained and cared for while exfoliating the skin, whether you do this for the whole body or face only.

Cautioned to be maintained with skin exfoliation

You must remember the following points while exfoliating the skin:

  • Exfoliation once in 10 days or 15 days is good. Even you may delay this to exfoliate once in a month if you are too busy or have other issues. But reducing the gap and practicing more can be damaging to the skin, and may leach the skin of its natural glow and natural oils.
  • Never rub the skin too harsh or with much pressure while exfoliating. Too much pressure can cause minor cuts and cracks of tissues and later may bring in burning, irritation, redness, and allergic reactions.
  • Use an exfoliation paste containing natural ingredients which are mild on the skin.
  • After scrubbing the skin and washing off, pamper the skin for the next two to three days with frequent application of cream or moisturizer. It is necessary to help the skin build up a healthy and strong layer of superficial cells to replace the old dead cells which you removed by scrubbing. And in this process, the skin needs extra UV ray blocking, and extra moisturizing to prevent drying.
  • Always void scrubbing when there is an ongoing skin problem like pimples, acne, allergies, rashes, cuts or burns, etc.

How Anti-Aging Formulas Work On The Skin

What are anti wrinkle creams and products made of?

How they help your sagging skin to rejuvenate or help the aging skin to not show any signs?

You must understand these to set clear expectations from your anti aging products.

Before you spend hundreds and thousands through the year on anti-aging products, you must know what to see in a product while buying.

Here are defined some components common in anti aging skin formulations, and their effects are described.

The various ingredients used to make anti aging formulas effective

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxyl acids are used in skin creams, packs, and skin peeling process. Their action is in dissolving and weakening the intercellular glue, which holds together the dead skin cells. Frequent use helps in clearing the skin of deposits of dead skin cells, and helps renewal of skin faster thereby delivering glow of new fresh healthy skin.
  • Retinol is another substance found in anti-aging products which acts in reducing wrinkles and fine lines to some extent.
  • Coenzyme Q10 is a great skin firming actor, which is used in the making of under eye creams and skin toning agents.
  • Argireline is the name of acetyl hexapeptide-3. It helps relax the facial skin, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Vitamin C is an important anti-aging skin booster which reduces signs of aging and helps keep the skin clean and reduces uneven pigmentation.

What to expect from anti aging products

No product can permanently stop the skin from aging. Again no product can stop wrinkles from forming. Then how do they work? Well, they work simply by reducing the signs of aging, for which the combined action must include:

  • Cell renewal quickening
  • Dead skin removal
  • Relaxing the skin
  • Toning and forming the skin
  • Evening skin tone by reducing excess pigmentation
  • Reducing the prominence of existing lines and wrinkles and slowing down the formation of new lines.

To get benefitted from a product it has to be used in the specific way with dedication. Continued use of the anti aging formula at the right time of the life, and for the right time period can show good results. However many people choose the wrong product type, or select the wrong skin type product. Such incompatibilities result in reduced or unnoticeable effects. However the actions of anti-aging products are not that subtle, and they show considerable amounts of positive results when used religiously.

The Winter Skin Care Regimen

One of the times of the year to care more for the facial and body skin is the winter. If you are already staying in a cold place where round the year the temperature stays cool, then your skin may have adapted to the climate pretty well, and in that case, a daily care regimen is good enough for the skin.

But in general when your body and skin adapts with the transformations in weather through the seasons of the year, then you must take special care of the skin during the cold climate.

The changes skin suffers in winter

checking the hand

In winter the skin suffers a lot of changes. The first and main problem is dryness.

In winter the air gets dry due to the reduced moisture content in the air. This results in the drying of body skin than average. Whether you face a humid or dry summer, the warm months still does not leach the body of moisture, but in winter the skin gets dry and scaly.

Dryness gives way to the death of the superficial skin layer quickly. As a result, dead skin cells build up, and normally won’t go away unless you give the skin a good scrub every week or fifteen days.

And this build-up of scaly dead skin cells makes the skin looks uneven and patchy thereby altering with the naturally smooth skin texture.

Another big skin problem you face during the winters is acne. Winter acne is the resultant of dirt and germ build-up inside skin pores due to the dry, damaged cracked skin. When skin gets dry and flaky then cracks develop which may not be understood by normal eyes, but dirt easily enters deep skin tissues, and germs build up. As a result winter acne comes up.

What’s the solution?

The solution to this is to keep the skin clean and moisturized, but much more than the simple light summer moisturizing.

Skin must be prevented from getting dry and cracking right from the onset of winter. For this, the skin must be thoroughly cleaned daily with a deep cleaning and mild face wash, and then a nourishing winter cream must be applied.

Winter creams with vitamin E extracts are good to apply. The ideal winter cream must stay on the skin for long.

A very good way to keep skin hydrated during winters is to drink lots of water. You cannot supply the water from outside by sprinkling water on skin.

But you can drink a lot and supply internally. Also to avoid drying of skin, avoid using hot or too much warm water on skin.

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